Philosophy Conference

The Philosophy of Grand Master Taejoon Lee

Teachers can affect the entire universe. Meeting Grandmaster Lee is always a very radical and deep experience that has changed the lives of many people, increasing their awareness and broadening their perspective.

During this open discussion (questions and answers), Grandmaster Lee will explain his way of seeing the universe, guiding the participants through the understanding of a deeper Truth.

Don’t miss the Philosophy Conference with Grandmaster Lee that will be held:

Saturday 6 July 2019 from 10.00AM to 12.00AM

Philosophical discussion with the Grand Master Taejoon Lee – Questions and Answers

Venue: Municipal Gym of Chianni

“The aim for a true Mudo, the Way of the Warrior should not be to physically overcome another, but to overcome oneself to become harmonious with others and nature. It is living in peace; not looking for a fight for surely when you do you will find it, but strive to nurture inner peace and become the light where there is darkness, to inspire rather than provoke, to sacrifice rather than enforce. True power comes in ridding oneself of the fear of death and loss, but rather filling oneself with hope, understanding, and in the Truth – that only God can determine our life, the hour of our death, and that all human life is sacred and must be cherished.”

“The most important question to ask is “why?”, why is the one question that always continues, you can ask why infinitely. So, question yourself: why am I feeling this way? But for now, remember the question of why is a way for the mind to understand, but not so much for the body and the heart. So the mind needs to question why to get to understand, but the truth is beyond thought.”

“I’m here not just to share my truth, I am here to make sure that you understand. So knowing and understanding are two different things, knowing is “how”, understanding is knowing “why”. If you know why, you can always find out how.”

“You are teachers as well as you are students and this is how everyone should be. We are our own master, are we not? We should be.”

“People these days are only interested in the external, material, and superficial and the rest is considered a waste, BS. It is all result oriented and we have forgotten that the journey, the experiences gained through struggle, the satisfaction gained from achievements of hard work, these are the things of value and the results are the reward. However, we want the rewards without the effort, which devalues our own existence and purpose, rendering humans obsolete and technology favored over human experience.”