HRD Black Sash Test

If you are a Hwa Rang Do Black Sash and you are ready for your next rank or if you are a Hwa Rang Do Color Sash ready for the First Dan examination, this day will be really important to you.

You can apply for the exam only if you are authorized directly by your Instructor/Master, who must send an official request for your application to the organizing committee at the e-mail address: [email protected]

Obviously, remember to ask your friends and relatives to join the celebration at the end of the exam: we will celebrate this great achievement with an official dinner and a special ceremony.

Saturday 06 July 2019: Black Sash Test & Celebration.


10.00AM-12.00PM: Philosophical discussion with the Grand Master Taejoon Lee (HRD & TSD students only)

10.00AM-12.00AM: Black Sash written test (only for candidates)

12.00AM-1.00PM: Lunch break

1.00PM-6.00PM: Black Sash Practical Test (only for candidates and examiners)

19.30: Black Sash Celebration and Official Dinner (Elegant Dress & Jaebok)

Venue: Municipal Gym of Chianni