Welcome to the official web page of the Hwa Rang Do Event 2018!
This is the official web site of the Annual Event 2018 promoted by the World Hwa Rang Do Association in Europe.
The event will take place in Luxembourg, from July 7th to 14th, 2018. Click here for more info.

Hwa Rang Do

Hwa Rang Do® is a traditional Korean Martial Art that contains both martial skills as well as healing skills. The Hwarang Um Yang Kwon combat skills, the musool (martial skills) that the monk Suahm Dosa taught to Do Joo Nim (Supreme Granmaster Joo Bang Lee) were divided into the four divisions of power found in Hwa Rang Do®. Nae Kong (Internal energy), Wae Kong (External power), Moo Gi Kong (Weapons), Shin Kong (Mental power).

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Hwa Rang Do
Annual Summer Event 2018

Learn more about this event. You can have the unique opportunity to practice with the most incredible Hwa Rang Do Masters and Grand Masters in existence. You will learn many techniques and concepts of the unbelievable syllabus of Hwa Rang Do. Be prepared to a great experience that will influence your entire life!

Hwa Rang Do Martial & Healing Skills...

About Us

The World Hwa Rang Do® Association is the only governing organization of the martial arts Hwa Rang Do® and Tae Soo Do®. In the official web site http://www.hwarangdo.com you will find comprehensive information about the principles, philosophies, and history of this art, as well as listings of all legitimate and certified Hwa Rang Do® Black sashes, Tae Soo Do® Belts, instructors, masters, and dojangs.

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